About Your Demo

Welcome to your Demo of the Synchronized Portal. This demo account has been set up for you to explore Synchronized Portal and determine if it meets your needs.

Important Information

As you use your demo there are some very important things you must keep in mind.

  • This might not be the final location of your portal. It is possible that data you enter now will have to be re-entered once you purchase a plan from us.
  • You should not use live or sensitive data in this demo portal. Your data is secure, running the same security standards as our ‘Live’ Portal. Should you decide not to become a customer, or if your Live portal in located elsewhere, this demo account will be re-purposed for another demo. We take great care to remove anything you input into the portal during your demo phase; however it’s possible that we could miss an item, and as such your data would be viewable by another party.
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