Enterprise CRM

Synchronized Portal has a powerful CRM which has many of the features found in an Enterprise CRM type platform.

The CRM, or Customer Relationship Manager, is where you will store your contacts within your Portal, and allow you to manage your contacts, manage and contact leads, track potential deals, kick off a variety of automated processes, share files and more.

When you open the CRM, this is what you might see.

Let's click on Santa Claus and see what information we have about him.

There is more to the listing than you what see here, but as you can see there is quite a bit of information right at your fingertips. If you want to take notes or schedule an appointment, you could do so from this screen.

Note that at the top of the screen, below Mr. Claus' name, you see Events, Notes, Deals, Files, Projects, Office and Logs. This will let you quickly get to those portions of the portal with the information for that customer.

Automation Station

You may have noticed 4 icons at the very top of the CRM images above.

If you click on the plus sign (+) you will get the menu in the image.

From here you can perform a variety of options such as creating a note, uploading files to the client, generating a document the contact must sign, grant them access to one your LMS products and more.

Some of the automations are created in different portions of the Portal.


If you wanted to create a task assigned to this contact, you could do so from the menu above. Here is an example task for Mr. Claus.

As you can see that it's assigned to the user named "Portal Demo" which is the name of the 'admin user' set up for the demo. All of the other relevant information is there, ready for you to change or update as needed.

Free Trial

Are you ready for a free trial of the Synchronized Portal and the Enterprise CRM? Head over to our Contact page and drop us a line. We'll get back to you just as quick as we can!

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