LMS Learning

Integrate Learning into your Business

Organizing your hard-won knowledge into an Online Course can be a great asset to your business or organization!

Now you can monetize your courses, use them as lead generators, train your Staff or just educate your Clients! There are dozens of creative use cases that make LMS an invaluable tool in your arsenal.

For Clients or Staff

Wow your clients by offering them professional learning courses/classes

Add multiple courses into a single Product package

Create a training program for your new staff to follow during onboarding

Design your courses, modules & lessons using an intuitive drag n’ drop framework

Rich Formatting + Control

Build courses using our powerful and intuitive Content Block Editor

Structure course navigation as either “free” or “linear”

Customize the colors of the LMS interface to match your brand

Set which Staff Members are authorized to create courses

Tailor the Experience

Products/courses can be assigned to both clients and staff

Add optional course material files for Participants to download

Participants will see a clean, self-contained interface

Easily keep track of completion during the course

Add to your Workflow

Grant access via Trigger/Action Automation during onboarding

Use a Kickoff Form to have your clients choose their Products

Products can be granted to users on the fly at any time

Immediately grant or revoke access to a set of courses

Coming Soon

Build your own quizzes for learning assessments

Change permissions in the platform based on quiz results

Have clients pay to access your Products/courses

Play a self-hosted video in your courses, and much more!

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