Smart Onboarding

Empower yourself to streamline your operations by creating customized workflows and inviting your leads, prospects, and clients to embark on a journey designed by you. With Smart Onboarding and the help of automated systems, you’ll be able to take on more clients and increase your profitability!

And the best part? You’ll save precious time in the process. Starting with onboarding, you can trigger an array of automations, categorize your clients into logical groups, and tailor their experiences based on the paths they select. Don’t let inefficient processes hold you back – take charge and transform the way you do business.

Step-by-Step Easy

Embed Kickoff Forms on your website

Customize the Kickoff Form with your questions and custom data fields

Easily create Custom Fields on the fly while customizing the Kickoff Form

Use Choice Blocks for your clients to choose from different registration paths

Auto-assign permissions and auto-trigger automations when the Kickoff Form is submitted

Customize the styling of the form via built-in settings and custom CSS so that it matches your website perfectly

Onboarding FLOWs

Automatically trigger a FLOW for a new Client to complete before access to the Portal

Have your Client eSign documents, fill out forms, upload files and more in an automated sequence

Activate an Onboarding FLOW after self-registration or a bulk CRM import

Layer the FLOW with triggered Actions, for the ultimate experience in onboarding automation

Trigger / Actions Automations

Stop doing everything manually, and harness the power of Automation!

Build automated workflows that put your guide your clients through onboarding

Trigger a customizable Action sequence each time a client completes an onboarding step

Powerful set of Actions can assign anything from a Circle to an Invoice

Automate with Client Circles

Circles give you the power to make assignments based on Circle affiliation

Easily assign Circle(s) in the Add Contact form, or via a Kickoff Form

Pre-create entire sets of Portal Pages, file repos, and assign via Circle

Clients can be part of just one Circle, or overlap multiple Circles

Simple drag &drop to add or remove Clients from a Circle

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