August 28, 2022

In this use case example we will highlight some of the security features within Synchronized Portal that has makes it HIPAA compliant, and a secure choice for CPA’s and Accounting Firms needing to keep their data secure. We’ll show you how you could use the Portal for any business where you need the ability to securely send and receive messages and transfer files.

Our financial data is some of the most important data we have. It’s right up there with our health care data in regards to things we don’t want everyone to have knowledge of. A CPA firm has the obligation to keep client data secure and away from prying eyes. The Portal will allow both the Firm and a the Client to achieve this with a user friendly interface that can be customized for your needs.

Secure Messaging

You’ve probably encountered secure messaging before with a doctor’s office or bank. Instead of the message landing in your email inbox, you get a message that says, “Hey, go check our site for your message.” This allows the entity that sent you the message to send it to you in a secure manner. With this method the message never leaves the companies infrastructure, and not susceptible to being intercepted in transit.

As you can see here, the option to restrict messages from leaving the platform is as simple as flipping a switch. The system also reminds you that if you enable these features you could be exposing data needlessly.

Secure Messaging settings

Secure File Share

Instead of asking your clients to send you files via email, or worse, sending financial data to your clients in email, consider the Secure File Share function of Synchronized Portal.

As a CPA you might need to ask your clients to send you files so you can review them. When you are done, you will probably need to send back a report to them. With the Portal you can send a File Request to your customer detailing what data you would like them to upload.

Creating a Secure File Request

Creating a Secure File Request

The images show you what information is needed to send out a file request. You let your customer know what information you need, and then you decide where in the Portal the files will go. If you want to add a deadline to the request, you can do so here.

The next step is to determine which customer is notified of the request. As you start typing a name, the system will search your database and populate it with names matching what you type in. Once you select a name, you can then put in a custom message, which will also be included in the email.

Receive Secure Files

When your customer needs to send you files, all they need to do is click on the “Files” option. This can be in the menu on the left side, or it can be on the custom dashboard you created for your customers. Once they click the Files option, they will see something similar to this.

Receiving Shared Files

When the customer clicks the Upload Files button they will then be prompted to select the files to upload. They will then be placed in the Portal and available to you to use as needed.

Secure Payments

A typical CPA business is going to charge their customers for the work completed for them. Instead of going to an external program to send the invoice, send it directly from Synchronized Portal. With our QuickBooks integration the transaction is recorded into QuickBooks for you.

With no-code automations it’s possible to send invoices to a customer in an automated fashion, giving you one less thing to do manually.

White Label

The Portal can be rebranded with your logos, your colors, your domain and email addresses. This is a common feature in many other systems that are in use today. The CPA’s customers would be visiting a site that is completely branded with the CPA’s logos and URL’s. This adds a layer of trust to those using your Portal.

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