August 2, 2022

Synchronized Portal is an extremely powerful tool that can help you with your business in ways you might not have thought about. This blog post is part of (what will be) an ongoing series of ideas for you.

Hair Stylist

You might be asking yourself how a hair stylist would benefit from using Synchronized Portal. While a hair stylist’s job description might not include office work, or billing clients the truth is that there are many different skills a professional hair stylist might need. Let’s take a quick look at some of the features and how they might be used.


A Hair Stylist writing down appointments.

With appointment scheduling abilities in the Portal, a hair stylist could configure different appointment types for different times. For example, a full hair coloring and styling might take 90 minutes, where as a ‘simple’ haircut would take only 30 minutes. The Stylist could set different times for the various appointment times so that their schedule isn’t overbooked. The Stylist could also have buffer times built into the schedule so they have a small break in between appointments.


Once the appointment is booked, the Stylist could go into their Portal and send out invoices to the customers that scheduled appointments. With On Demand invoice generators, it would be a few quick clicks to have the correct invoice sent to the customer. With the Automation feature, an email thanking the customer for the payment and confirming their appointment time could be sent out.


There are so many options here we’re sure to leave out some of them. However, the quickest examples would be Pages and Forms.

With Pages, the Stylist could put together informational material that their clients could see. Perhaps it’s updates about the latest trends, or how to self style one’s hair in an emergency.

With Forms it would be possible for potential clients to fill out the form and get more information about their services.

Even More!

Yes, there are even more ways a hair stylist could use Synchronized Portal in their business. If this has peaked your interest and you want to get started, why not head over to the Contact Us page and do just that? We’ll get in touch with you ASAP and help customize a plan just for you.

Need Help?

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