August 21, 2022

What’s new on the Synchronized Portal? Take a look.

Appointments Block in Update Form – It’s now possible to include an appointment scheduler in your Update forms.

Company Custom Fields in Update Form – It is now possible to to include Company Custom Fields in Update Forms!

Select Multiple Appointment Types in Appointment Block – You can now offer multiple appointment types in Kickoff Forms.

Custom Email Notifications for each Appointment Type – Instead of a single set of email templates for Appointment Types, you can now have different templets for different appointment types.

Pop-Up Notices Scheduling Options – Pop-Up notices can now be scheduled with Start and Stop dates and times.

Ability to Duplicate FLOWs – Duplicate an existing FLOW and make changes as needed. Great for times when FLOWs are very similar in nature.

On-Demand FLOW option for Known Targets in Kickoff Forms – You can know assign a FLOW to a Known Target in your Kickoff Forms.

Subject Line Option added to Form Cannons – Customize the subject line for each individual Form Cannon.

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