June 3, 2023

“You need a CRM,” a friend said to Dave and recommended Synchronized Portal to Dave, an all-in-one business software that promised a streamlined approach to customer relationship management (CRM). At first, Dave was skeptical. He’d used tools before that promised similar results, only to be let down. But, he decided to give Synchronized Portal a chance, and it turned out to be the best decision he could have made for his business.

Dave was a business owner who believed he had everything under control. He had a system for managing his clients: a combination of spreadsheets, emails, and note-taking apps that he thought was sufficient. That was until his business started growing, and the system couldn’t keep up. Dave found himself spending more time keeping track of his clients than actually doing business with them. His days were filled with missed opportunities, communication errors, and general chaos.

That’s when he discovered the transformative power of a CRM system, specifically, the Synchronized Portal.

One-Stop Client Management

The Synchronized Portal provided Dave with a one-stop solution to manage all client information and resources in one place. This meant that he could easily view and manage contacts, assign tasks, keep notes on interactions, and even manage client files from the client’s dashboard

CRM + Client Management + Automations

Dave was amazed by the automation capabilities provided by Synchronized Portal. He was able to add contacts manually, by import, or even by embedding a registration form on his website. This, combined with the ability to auto-add contacts to an email marketing drip campaign and auto-schedule his calendar with client follow-ups, greatly improved his efficiency. Dave no longer had to worry about manually managing these aspects, as the system took care of it for him.

Company First Mode

One of the features Dave appreciated most was the “Company First” mode. This feature allowed him to assign all portal items, projects, and updates to the company directly, instead of dealing with individual contacts. This was particularly useful when the primary contact at a client’s company changed. Instead of scrambling to update all projects and tasks, he simply assigned a new primary contact.

Automate with Client Circles

Synchronized Portal introduced Dave to the concept of “Client Circles”, groups that allowed him to make assignments based on affiliation. This made it easy for him to manage multiple clients who were part of the same project or task. With the simple drag and drop feature, he could easily add or remove clients from a circle.

Embed Kickoff Forms

Dave also found value in the ability to embed kickoff forms on his website. He could customize these forms with his questions and custom data fields, and even style them to match his website perfectly. This allowed him to gather the necessary information from clients upfront, saving him time and energy later.

Deal Stages Pipeline

The Deal Stages Pipeline was a game-changer for Dave. This feature allowed him to track key metrics during a sales process through stages, providing an organized and focused way to track opportunities. He could forecast revenue and business growth, and use the insights to drive new initiatives.

Onboarding FLOWs

Finally, the onboarding FLOWs provided by Synchronized Portal allowed Dave to automate the process of onboarding new clients. This feature enabled clients to sign documents, fill out forms, upload files, and more in an automated sequence. This ensured a smooth transition for new clients and freed up Dave’s time to focus on growing his business.

Dave’s story is a testament to the transformative power of a CRM system. The Synchronized Portal not only helped him to streamline his client management process, but it also significantly improved his efficiency, productivity, and overall business growth. It eliminated the need for multiple systems, reduced errors, and provided a seamless experience for both Dave and his clients.

If you’re like Dave, struggling to keep up with your growing client base and juggling multiple systems to manage your business, it might be time to consider a CRM system. With features tailored to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, Synchronized Portal could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

To find out how Synchronized Portal can revolutionize the way you do business, contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.


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